Motion control

Servo system controllers desire to improve total system performance.
Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high speed and high accuracy drive control for each industrial machine.
Various Motion controllers, Simple Motion modules and Positioning modules are lined up. Suitable module can be selected for system requested.

Servo Motors

Nano-control compatible servo motor, well suited to various types of machines.
Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed motors : HG Series
Linear Servo Motor : LM-F Series
Direct Drive Servo Motor : TM-RB Series
HG Series
Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed motors Sensor resolution has been signi cantly improved. The servo motors, which boast smooth rotation and outstanding acceleration capabilities, are well-suited to serve as feed axes of machine tools.
Product Features

LM-F Series

Linear Servo Motor
Use in clean environments is possible since no ball screws are used and therefore contamination from grease is not an issue.
Product Features

TM-RB Series

Direct Drive Servo Motor
High-torque direct-drive combined motor with a high-gain control system provides quick acceleration and positioning, which makes rotation smoother.

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