Motion control

Total system performance, not individual component specifications leads to maximum performance

Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high speed and high accuracy drive control for each industrial machine. Various Motion controllers, Simple Motion modules (Positioning modules) are lined up. Suitable module can be selected for system requested

A wide range of control, such as positioning, speed-torque, cam, and synchronous control, is applicable to various machines, such as X-Y tables, packaging machines, and converting machines. Selecting the best suitable control methods and functions for your application achieves optimal solutions


The right motor for any job:

Compact servo motors
Servo gear motors
Servo motors
Torque motors
Stepper motors 80MP

Check out the CAD configurator for motor series8LS and 8JS.


Innovative and efficient gearboxes stand up to the highest demands:

Planetary gears
Angular gearboxes
Servo gear motors

Check out the CAD Gearbox Configurator