In the consumer packaged goods industry, a product's packaging plays a crucial role in its success. As the intermediary between consumer and product, packaging must strike a perfect balance between functionality and design, and it must do so within the constraints of technical and economic feasibility. To achieve harmony between all of these competing factors, you need packaging machines that are extremely flexible and fully automated. You need packaging lines that synergize all the benefits of state-of-the-art motion control, robotics, safety, image processing and IT connectivity.

In our dedicated packaging portal, we present an impressive range of advanced solutions that cover the full breadth and depth of requirements faced by our partners in the packaging industry.

From primary and secondary packaging through to end-of-line solutions.

MITSUBISHI is blazing a trail of innovation in the pursuit of solutions that perfectly solve our customers' requirements – setting new standards in productivity, energy efficiency, flexibility and maintenance along the way.